Tales of the Tube, #43

Man at London Bridge Underground station (Northern Line) this morning is hammering on the windows of full-to-bursting trains shouting “Move down the f**king carriage!  F**king hell!  For f**k’s sake!  Move down the carriage you f**king c***s!”

What he doesn’t realise is that everyone on those trains is thinking the same thing – “And let you get on this train?  Not likely, you mad bastard.”

But the best thing was, after he squeezed himself onto the third packed train in a row, the fourth train was almost empty.

That’s what I call karma. 🙂


      • Sorry, I was just reading a book explaining how things like sudden empty trains can occur and why humans sometimes behave that way. John Sterman’s 2000 book ‘Business Dynamics’ if anyone’s interested 🙂


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