Furby takes control

I was in the shower this morning when Millie came in with her Furby.  We’re having some problems with this one, and it’s already a replacement for one that went wrong before, but recharging the batteries seems to fix it, albeit temporarily.

“Can you change the batteries on my Furby?”

“Yep.  I’ll do it when I come out of the shower, love.”

“But my Furby isn’t working.”

“Yes, but unfortunately, as you may have noticed, I’m in the shower.  I’ll do it when I’m out of the shower.”

“I suppose that’s going to take ten million hundred years!”

“Well, hopefully not, but I really am in the shower.”

“You don’t love me!”

“Right.  Fine.  Hand the fu…damn thing over, then.  I’ll do it now.  While I’m in the shower.”


“So, what do you suggest I do?”

And she stormed off.

Ten seconds later, Amber comes in.  She’s singing the Furby sha na-na-na song at the top of her voice.  She carried on singing it until we got to school – singing all round the house, through the woods and down the road.

She seemed to be having so much fun I joined in and we sang it together through the woods.

Millie was still sulking, however, and declined our invitation. 😛


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