It isn’t very exciting for you to read about, and it definitely isn’t very exciting for me to do, but I’m now officially trying to lose some weight.

The lead-up time to actually doing this has been lengthy – at least 4-5 months – but, you know: Christmas, winter, birthday, etc.  All those things conspired to put me off.

Well, now they’re past and it’s time to get (reasonably) serious.  I’ve joined a charity weight loss challenge at work, part of a team called SupercalorieflabelasticXXLedonuts (my name – rather proud of it), downloaded some exercise apps on my phone, and – much to the Lovely Melanie’s amusement – I’ve bought Paul McKenna‘s Hypnotic Gastric Band book.

Why the book?  I’m fascinated to see if it will work, frankly.  Can something so apparently simple actually make a difference?  Well, let’s see…

I hate gyms and playing almost all sport, so the phone apps are to give me some simple and convenient exercises to do at home, whenever I have a few spare minutes.  I don’t want to join a gym or go out running, but if I can get into the habit of doing some exercises while, say, waiting for the kettle to boil, that can only help, right?  Plus, I do genuinely enjoy walking, so maybe I can persuade the family to walk more and to walk to places for pleasure.  Maybe.

My diet will also be changing a bit – not a lot, just a bit.  Last time I did this (before the girls were born) it was relatively simple to reduce my portion sizes, eat fewer biscuits (my persistent nemesis – biscuits and a cup of tea…) and do less snacking.

I stood on the scales yesterday for the start of the charity weight loss challenge thing and was found to 14 stone 5 lbs (I was relieved to be under 15 stone!)

So let’s see how far my unique combination of soft exercise, cutting edge hypnotherapy and shoe leather get me…



  1. Me too! I’ve been on the verge of blogging about my ventures … in fact, i think that this is how I may spend my afternoon, in between cups of tea and slices of chocolate brownie (yes, I have a magic recipe for 80 calorie chocolate brownies!!)

  2. PS … years ago, I read Paul McKenna’s “I can make you thin”. It wade a lot of sense. Just common sense conscious eating, listening to your body etc.

    • Having speed read it last night I can say that Hypnotic Gastric Band also sets up a few commonsense things – walk more, chew your food more slowly, etc. – before you even start the hypnotherapy!

  3. oi oi bloke thats nearly as heavy as me and im a big bloke stu lol, yes i know im still reading and yes this is the 4th or 5th day straight for at least 8 to 10 hrs a day hmmmmmm, ive read all your book reviews on the site ntcbw the whole storie of millie on both sites ntcbw and stu pc im about a yr from todays date omg u and your family been through the mill at times oi by the way dont ever dout yourself or your confiedence ever, networking,meeting new people, going for jobs,dude if i remmember the old stu your way to head strong to get down or depressed man its a state of mind

  4. It’s simple – walk 3 to 5 kms every day. Stretch before and after. Cut out ALL SUGAR (even the one in your tea) except for natural sugars like honey and in fruits. Eat museli for breakfast, no carbs for lunch, a huge salad for lunch with a really tasty dressing and for dinner you can splurge a little. Snack on apples, dates and almonds. If you eat more than you are burning off, you will gain weight. Simple. And no beer. Beer = belly. Read up on low GI foods (foods that keep burning energy for longer so you don’t feel hungry). This really works. I was 76kg (11.9 stone) and now I am 63kg (9.9 stone). And it only took 4 to 5 months. I do yoga as well so that helps tone the body once you have walked off a lot of the weight and stretching/yoga keeps the weight off. Good luck! It is definitely possible

  5. How is McKenna’s hypnotic Gastric Band book working for you so far? As a therapist with a specific interest in weight loss treatment, I’m currently looking into how effective this form of hypnosis is for losing weight in contrast to using curative hypnotherapy to correct the cause of overeating. I’d be interested to hear your views.

    • Hi Susannah – thanks for your interest. 🙂
      It’s difficult to say exactly what/how much effect it’s had at the moment; but I’m reasonably certain it’s helped and has had some effect upon the amount I’m eating, but I’m consciously trying to maintain an awareness of my portion sizes, too, so that’s probably having an effect, too.
      I’ll post somre more here soon about the gastric band and my attempts to lose weight…

      • Hi, that’s great. Glad to hear you’re doing well and have noticed some benefit. Sounds like you’re definitely on the right path. Would certainly love to hear any future updates about the hypnotic gastric band and how it’s helped you. All the best.

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