Losing weight

After a week of dieting sensible eating I was pleased to discover at my weekly weigh-in that I’ve lost 3.5lbs (1.59kgs)!

bag of sugarThat really surprised me.  Having never dieted deliberately tried to lose weight before my expectations about losing weight were…um, well, I didn’t have any – literally no idea how much a person’s weight could change in a week.

3.5lbs is a small frozen chicken or a bag and a half of sugar, and that seems like a lot, particularly since I’ve been eating simply less and better, looking for a diet that’s sustainable and – oh, no, wait diet is the right word here, in the sense of being “what I eat” rather than “what I don’t eat”.

A lot fewer tea’n’biscuits after meals, smaller portions for those meals, no takeaway pizza Sunday evening, walnuts rather than M&Ms to snack on at work, that’s the kind of thing that has changed in my diet – er, no, that’s the OK use of “diet” again.

lardI haven’t felt hungry or deprived in the last week, which, coupled with the weight reduction makes me think this is sustainable: I’ve drunk beer, eaten chocolate, bacon, bread, butter and cheese, just less of them all.

Now, if I can only somehow kickstart myself into exercising becoming more physically active I should have a six-pack in a matter of weeks!

And in more good news, everyone in Team SupercalorieflabelasticXXLedonuts has lost weight, too.  Well done, team!



  1. Now then … in my quest to lose weight, I have found that ‘knowing’ everything I put in to my mouth really really helps. I really hate to hear about counters, whether it’s points, or sins or calories or whatever. I can’t stand to hear women gossip in the office or on the bus about how many points are in this or that, or that “No I can’t have any dinner tonight despite the fact that I’m starving, I’m saving my points up for the weekend cos I’m out on the piss with the girls.” With that in mind, bear with me. I am using My Fitness Pal. It’s a calorie counter. Week one, I logged everything avidly, I weighed my food and even counted the milk in my tea. The app is really easy to use and already has all the nutritional data of almost all food known to man saved in its database, so there’s no fiddling with numbers. I was trying to reeducate myself, trying to understand exactly how much of everything I’m putting in to myself. This week, I’m not counting so avidly (because I already know approximately what size portion of rice I should have etc) … I just find it’s useful to evaluate exactly what you’re eating – some of the things you might think aren’t too bad, are actually FULL of fat (nuts!!)

    Mention the ‘D’ word, and everyone’ll add their own two pence worth to your journey – that was mine!! 😉

    • The Lovely Melanie is counting everything, same as you, Mel (not that you’re not lovely too – I’m sure you are, but I’m not married to you!)

      Anyway, to some degree I’m trying to do this by tricking myself that I’m not really doing it, so *technically* I can eat anything the hell I want, just not so much of it. But if I know for a fact it’s a bad idea then I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible (e.g. pizza).

      And because I’m a diabetic I already have a better idea than most people of how much carbohydrate is in a lot of the foods I eat (including nuts!) so that’s helping…
      Ha, never thought being diabetic would be useful!

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