A test

The girls are in charge of getting the chickens back into their coop today.

I let them out this morning, as always (the chickens, not the girls), but for the first time they (the girls, not the chickens) will be hustling them back inside the coop before school.

They’ve been helping me do this for weeks now, and making a pretty good job of it, too.  However, the Lovely Melanie looked aghast when I suggested they try it unsupervised today.  I’m not sure why: the worst case scenario is that it takes a few minutes longer.

Evil chicken
Evil feathered genius!

I’d be quite surprised if the chickens chose today to reveal their master plan: swooping down upon the world with the death ray they’ve been quietly building inside the coop and taking over the world – starting with Bexley!

But Dave the Chicken, in particular, is a cheeky one.  While Licken and Lily will usually head back into the coop with a minimum of fuss Dave is the one who will always spot something interesting at the other end of the garden and scoot off to investigate.  She’s had to be carried back to the coop a few times now.

But I have absolute faith in the ability of my children to outwit some chickens, even when outnumbered three to two.


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