You may call it Shrove Tuesday, but when I was growing up it was known by the far simpler name of Pancake Day!  And it’s today!

Amber wants you to know that she will be having double pancakes – they’re making them at school and she will be having them tonight.

pancakeBelieve me, I know – I made the batter this morning!  The Lovely Melanie, despite being able to cook a full Christmas Dinner and other delights that lie beyond my culinary abilities, is unable to make working pancake batter – she can cook pancakes but not mix the batter.

Millie also told me she is expecting to eat nine pancakes this evening, a claim I find somewhat…extravagant.  But good luck, Millie – I think I wanted to do the same when I was your age. 😉

Of course, due to my diet weight-loss plan I shan’t be having that many, but rest assured I shall be having them!

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