Skool ruport

As an Englishman my natural modesty almost makes me too embarrassed to write about the details of Millie’s parents’ evening.

Fortunately, paternal pride deservedly trumps natural modesty, because Millie’s teacher, Ms. Watts, gave her not merely a good report but a glowing one!

The Lovely Melanie tells me that Ms. Watts had literally nothing bad to say about our clever little girl: telling how her vocabulary and writing skills are exceptional (as you might expect, given that both her bookworm parents are English graduates who work with words) enthusing about Millie’s use of language and description, and noting how her written work stood out vividly from that of the other children, bringing everything she wrote about warmly to life. 🙂

I was incredibly pleased to hear that, but it wasn’t a terrible surprise.

I was slightly more surprised to hear about Millie’s hunger to learn, and felt myself swelling with pride upon hearing how she’s always ready to ask questions, and is a pleasure to teach.

As has been said here before, cultivating a lifelong curiosity is half the battle in bringing up children (IMHO).  My parents taught me that the world is a fascinating and wonderful place, that discovering it is an endless joy that will never disappoint; my parents made me want to learn, and I’ve tried to do the same for Millie and Amber.  

So far it seems to be working. 🙂

But there was even more (I blush to write it)!

Millie was singled out as the only child in her class who causes literally no problems – whether by making trouble or telling tales about those who do.  Millie smartly steers a course between the two, and as such comes up smelling of roses.

Amber & MillieNow that is clever.  Hell, even I haven’t mastered that!  But I also think both the Lovely Melanie and I are intrigued by this, because – as regular readers will know – Millie is not always the easiest girl to get along with.  She’s a lovely little girl, yes, but she’s not a saint.

We were supposed to have our first meeting with Amber’s teacher today, too, but rail delays unfortunately put paid to that.  Let’s hope she’s following in her sister’s footsteps…

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