Amber’s 5th birthday celebrations begin…

Amber’s not five for almost a week, but as usual that doesn’t mean the birthday celebrations haven’t already started!

Millie and Amber mermaidsYesterday was her family party, when family and close grown-up friends come round for an afternoon of themed fun – this year the theme, chosen by the birthday girl, was Mermaids (not the Cher/Winona Ryder film – but the mythical half-fish, half-woman creatures).  She really wanted an Ariel-themed party, the star of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, but given that not even the most creative family members were likely to dress up as Jamaican lobsters or plus-size sea witches, an executive decision was made to broaden the remit to “mermaids”.

The Lovely Melanie cooked an Ariel cake, there was food for all (even the chickens did well out of it!) and supplied shell bras for anyone who wanted one.  Oh, and Amber got a metric tonne of presents.

There was also dancingcousinsaunties and unclesand grandparents, all mermaided to the max in what suddenly seemed like a very small house!

And at the end of the day, two tired little girls were whisked off to Hatfield (because next week is half term), leaving their parents blissfully idle quite bereft and unsure what to do with themselves for the next four days.

But don’t worry – I’m sure we’ll think of something! 😉


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