Crouch End and Krautrock

London’s Crouch End isn’t somewhere I’ve visited before, and after last night’s trip there I can see why – it felt right out in the boondocks, especially for this South London boy.

I went out with friends from work to see one of them, Sophie Johnson, strut her standup comedy stuff Downstairs at the King’s Head.  Once we eventually got there and thawed out (it’s cold out at the moment!) we had a fantastic time.  It was a try-out night, so none of the comics were on for longer than five minutes, and there were eight of them in the first half, so if one wasn’t to your taste there’d be another along in a minute (or four).

Henning Wehn

And remarkably, one of my little brother’s favourite comedians, Henning Wehn, was the last act on.  Which was nice.

I suspect you’re paying rather more than £4 to see him next weekend, Rich. 😉

Out of the 13 comics on that night, our friend was slap-bang in the middle in terms of quality – she’s genuinely good, but was up against some stiff competition. Fortunately, she also wrote Miranda Hart’s Miranda Hart’s unauthorised biography, so at least she has something to fall back on if either the career at Expedia or the comedy don’t work out!

My favourite comic of the evening was a gentleman of advancing years called David James.  His quiet, delicately-paced delivery reminded me of Stewart Lee and was just as funny – watch out, Lee!

I doubt there’ll be an update this weekend – Saturday night I’m going to Club Motorik, a club night in Brixton dedicated to all things Krautrock, the amazing experimental German music of the early-to-mid ’70s..

It’s probably going to get messy.  But I’ve been warned not to let it get too messy because Sunday afternoon is Amber’s birthday party for her schoolfriends.  I bet none of the other boys have to be up, let alone looking (and smelling) respectable the next day.

There’s a tug-of-war going on in my head already between having BIG fun Saturday night and having BIG not-fun the next day helping with the party.

Let’s hope a sensible(-ish) medium can be reached between the two…

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