Hip-hip Thyroid!

Remember last week I got diagnosed with an under active thyroid?  Yeah, well, that’s all going pretty well at the moment.  I started the course of  thyroxine tablets the same day, and since then haven’t looked back. 🙂

No doubt about it, I’m feeling happier, more energetic and just…chirpier, y’know?  It’s hard say for sure about the weight loss effects and the improved memory, but I’ve definitely been able to tell the difference this week in terms of overall mood and energy levels – and that’s despite being tired from being out late and getting rather drunk at the weekend (and then having to help out at Amber’s friends’ birthday party, although that went far better than expected – particularly from Amber’s point of view).

I’ve even finally started reading Steven Pinker‘s epic tome, The Better Angels Of Our Nature, which I bought last year.  Previously I kept putting it off because it’s BIG; I’ve read one of his books before and it was HARD (amazing, but hard), and also I had a queue of smaller, easier-sounding books.

The good news is that so far it’s both fascinating and entertaining.


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