Morning mayhem

Well, mayhem is probably too strong a word for it, but as you can see in the video below, getting the chickens back in their coop of a morning isn’t always easy!

We had a lovely day yesterday (Sunday) too, on one of our regular jaunts to nearby Joyden’s Wood.  Millie and I cycled down there, meeting up with Doob and the Lovely Melanie just outside.  We parked our bikes and set off into the woods for a few beautiful hours of sunny wandering.

Me, Millie and Amber on the way to Joyden's WoodI got excited at one point because we found a sheet of metal in one of the WWII bomb craters that pockmark the wood, but it turned out to be the bonnet of a car (however, the mystery remains: how did the bonnet of a car end up in there??)

We took a packed lunch and ate in the middle of the woods, explored some parts we’ve never ventured into before, climbed some trees and watched the horses in the nearby stables before cycling back home, tired but happy.

One thing to note about the cycling is that my new bike – which used to belong to Trev – is so much easier to ride than the old one.

Amber and Millie in the woodsRiding back up the long hill from the village to our house, I previously would have to push the bike half of the way, but with Trev’s bike it’s…well, not a doddle, but certainly nowhere near as back-breakingly difficult.  That’s rather a relief and will hopefully mean more cycling in future – not least because Millie is now big enough to ride with me for quite some distance.

On a less positive note, I’m off work today with a horrible sinus infection.  I had thought yesterday that it was my usual devastatingly allergic reaction to the horses by Joyden’s Wood; but no, it’s still with me this morning.  Sigh.



  1. I liked the out-doorsiness of your sunday. Is essential for kids to be as in touch with nature as possible, woods and chickens accomplishing this very well. Get well soon

    • Couldn’t agree more – as much as I want my children to be a bit nerdy like me, I also want them to enjoy and understand the outside.
      I *especially* don’t want them to be locked indoors scared of paedophiles, burglars and murderers

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