I haven’t sat down for about six months

Long-time readers will know I occasionally like to post stuff from outer space, pictures or ideas to blow your tiny mind.  Well, today it’s time for another one.

I’ve seen many beautiful pictures and read quite a bit about the International Space Station (ISS) but the video below blew my mind all over again, showing a guided tour of the ISS from one of its commanders, Sunita Williams.

It’s huge!  You float around in it!  People live there for months and months!  It’s incredibly complex!  She hasn’t sat down for about six months!  You can stick your head into the cupola and watch THE ENTIRE PLANET going by beneath you!

This is so cool.  I particularly love the way she matter-of-factly shows us around the most amazing structure in the entire world (or above it).

That hair looks like a bit of a pain though… 😛



  1. I follow a guy on twitter who is currently on the ISS and he tweets everyday pictures and videos of what day to day life is like as well as answering questions and just tweeting his thoughts…he often take pics out of the windows to…is amazing that someone can tweet from space…

    Fully recommend following him

  2. Awesome.
    “Do you want a tour of the ISS?” I said to her last night.
    “No” she replied.
    25 minutes later
    “Wow!” she said

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