In which my written work as an author is read to a proper and appreciative audience

It’s Book Week at Hurst Primary, when everyone is asked to bring in one of their favourite books to show the class.

Amber Grace Carter, my wonderful daughter, chose one of the books I wrote for herself and her sister at Christmas – Millie And Amber And The Robot Treasure.  It was read out in the class by the teacher amongst other proper books brought in by her classmates.

As she told me about this I tried to remain nonchalant – “Oh, yeah, that’s nice, Amb.  And, er, did they, you know, enjoy it?”

“They were all laughing!  They thought Metal Pants the Robot was funny!”

At which point whatever she was saying was drowned out by all the party poppers and streamers and fireworks going off in my head. 🙂

Fame at last!

When the fireworks finally died down I realised Amber was fascinated by the mechanics of making a book, asking lots of questions about how I wrote it, where the book came from, how I drew the pictures, how the cover was done, etc. etc.

“Anyone can write a book,” I told her, “If they want to.”

Fingers crossed she takes that advice on board. 🙂



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