Memory games

The Lovely Melanie texted me at 7am – “Remind Millie to bring her violin home tonight”.

At breakfast I remind Millie…in my own special way. 🙂

ME: Millie, Mummy says you need to bring your violin home tonight.

MILLIE: Mmm, yeah, I know.

ME: What have you got to do, Millie?

MILLIE: Er, what?  Um, bring my…?

ME: Violin.

MILLIE: Violin…umm…

ME: Home.

MILLIE: Home.  I know!

ME: And where is your violin at the moment?

MILLIE: At school.

ME: And where have you got to bring it?

MILLIE: Uhhh!  Home!

ME: And when have you got to do that?

MILLIE: Today!

ME: Before or after school?

MILLIE: Unhh!  God!  After school.

ME: And how are you going to get it home?

MILLIE: What?  Carry it?

ME: Yay!  And what are you going to carry it with?

MILLIE: My hands!  I know!

ME: What will you be carrying with your hands?

MILLIE: The violin!

ME: When?

MILLIE: Tonight!!

ME: Well done.

But the question remains: Will Millie’s violin be there when I get home tonight…?


Yes, it was!


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