Secret Girls Club

“I’m taking this pocket Snakes And Ladders game into school today for my new club,” Millie announced this morning as I stepped from the shower.

“That’s, um…that’s nice,” I spluttered, looking for a towel, for my glasses and for whatever Millie was talking about.  “What club is that?”

Come To Secret Club sign“It’s a club that me, Emma and Ione have made – S.S.G.C., the Secret Girls Club.  Ione is taking some colouring books, Emma has some stickers, and I’m bringing this -” pointing at the pocket Snakes And Ladders – “and we’re going to play them in our club at break time.”

“Well, that’s a pretty cool idea.  But shouldn’t it be just S.G.C. if it’s Secret Girls Club?  Unless you make it the Super-Secret Girls Club – that would be S.S.G.C.

“Hmm, no; it’s just the Secret Girls Club.”

“Fair enough, it’s not Super-Secret, it’s only Secret.”

“No, it’s not a secret, everyone knows about it.”

“OK, still a cool name.  But the three of you decide who can join the club, right?”

“No, we have to let other people join.  The teachers only let us have clubs if we let everyone join.”

“Well, that’s quite…egalitarian, I guess.  But I suppose boys aren’t allowed if it’s a girls club?”

“No, boys are allowed, too.”

“So… the Secret Girls Club is a completely non-secret, non-sexist and non-discriminatory organisation?  OK, well, don’t tell the Daily Mail, whatever you do, they’ll have a field day with this.”



  1. oooh wweeeee! felt like a little girl again reading this. brought back many childhood memories of playing make believe with friends. Although this sounds like a very different type of school than the one i went to.

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