We are the bourgeoisie!

I am, upon occasion, a bit embarrassed at just how middle class we are.

Take the weekend just gone: with nothing planned we decided to go on one of our outings to see something in town.  Hell, we live in one of the world’s greatest cities, we my as well make the most of it, right?

British Library
Fresnel Lenses!!

This weekend it was the turn of the august British Library to host the Bexley Carters.  There was a free exhibition about…well, I’m not sure; something to do with the intersection between Art and Science, I think.  But the British Library is a stunning building anyway; we couldn’t get in to see all of its millions of books, all stored underground in endless corridors, but some of the ones we could see were impressive enough.

Millie took her camera and took pictures of everything, like some kind of stereotypical Japanese tourist.  Sadly, I only spotted halfway through that she had her camera set on the lowest possible resolution, so we have a lot of blurry postage stamp-sized images.

A photo by Millie
Me looking tired and grumpy

But there are some nice ones amongst those – such as this one of us walking down to Charing Cross after we’d seen all the art, explored all the levels and had our pictures taken with Anne Frank.

Yep, Charing Cross is a long way from the British Library (at King’s Cross), but we thought, what the hellwe’ve got nothing else on and we walked the mile or so, stopping only for cup cakes at our favourite outrageously expensive cup cake shop, Candy Cakes on Monmouth Street.

And, yeah, that mile walk was a mistake – the girls took it in turns to have massive bennies all the way there… 😦


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