Ticking over

Even a master blogger such as myself is at the mercy of the materials I have to work with, i.e., real life, and real life this week has offered precious little to entertain you with, unfortunately.

No one wants to hear about the new USB 3.0 backup drive I installed on the computer last night, do they?  Or the fine new (pink) hair  dryer we acquired the day before (hell, as a bald man, even I don’t want to hear about the fine new (pink) hair  dryer!)  There’s also a new internal 3Tb hard-drive on its way, because the old 1Tb drive is nearly full.

Imagine that, eh?  Nearly filled a 1Tb hard-drive – my first PC had 6Gb of memory!  3Tb would have sounded insane back then.  But movies are HD, photo have gone multi-megapixel, and nobody’s happy with 128kbp/s MP3s these days.  Files will expand to fill whatever storage is available, it seems.


I’ve mostly spent my evenings playing Strike Suit Zero on the computer, which, if you like space shooters, is truly the best thing to come along in an age.  There’s also a new band called Haiku Salut who are…


No, really, they’re fantastic!  They…

Ahh, let’s just give it up for now and wait for something actually exciting or entertaining to happen, shall we?


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