Adding swear words at random to stop myself from getting too cross and shouting at someone on the phone

Angry man on phone

I’m still trying to get my parcel from Yodel.  I have a horrible cold.  It’s snowing.

None of these things is making my life easier or more enjoyable.

To keep morale up I am reduced to mentally editing the parcel delivery company’s website.  Whenever reading anything on Yodel’s ironically titled Help pages I’m randomly inserting swear words.

What if I have missed my f***ing delivery?

I have received a s****y Yodel card with a f***ing parcel reference number on it.

Can my b*****d parcel be left with a  f***ing neighbour or in a safe place at my  f***ing property?

Can I collect my  f***ing parcel from your  s****y Service Centre?

What  b*****d identification do I need to pick up my  s****y f***ing parcel?

Well, it makes me feel a bit better…


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