Barbie Ban?

I caught Amber watching Barbie videos again on the computer this morning.  In Spanish.

The girls are usually allowed some computer time before school (because I’m washing up/in the shower/getting dressed).  Millie, if she uses it at all, will play games (e.g., Harry Potter), but more often you’ll find her dancing and singing in her bedroom, eschewing the computer altogether.

Amber, on the other hand, will sit down, type “Barbie” into YouTube and watch any old toss that it turns up.  Which is slightly worrying.

goth BarbieAnd the final straw was catching her watching Barbie videos in Spanish.

Now, since we’re going to Spain (or, more precisely, Ibiza) on holiday in August I tried to make the best of this and talk about learning a bit of Spanish ready for when we go there, but Amber wasn’t interested.  So, I think I’m going to have to look into blocking “Barbie” searches on YouTube.

Don’t get me wrong, I think YouTube is a fabulous resource for kids (and adults), but its recommendations aren’t very adventurous – especially when your tastes are as conservative as Amber’s.

Search on YouTube for “Barbie”, then watch nothing but Barbie and you’ll be recommended…yep, more Barbie.

I really don’t want my children to view Barbie as a role model, so I think the time has come to, ahem, direct Amber’s viewing somewhat, by at least giving her some alternatives.  She might not like them at first but I hope she’ll thank me later…

Now, does anyone have any suggestions for blocking specific searches on YouTube?


One comment

  1. You’ve chosen a particularly slutty picture of Barbie… or maybe she’s become that way, I don’t know. In my day she was just a blonde princess type thing. Barbie and the accessories were VERY expensive when i was growing up. So my mum and I (mostly my mum) would hand/machine sew clothes for her. She had the best wardrobe and some pretty fashionable stuff too (Business suits and lounging around clothes). Then my grand dad got in to the act and we started building a plywood house for her. Taught me some good skills about sewing and building stuff at the young age of 4. But then again, we didn’t have YouTube. Not sure when I outgrew Barbie or playing with dolls….maybe when i was more confident with reading on my own and climbing trees without the fear of falling out…I can’t say for sure whether Barbie gave me unhealthy attitudes towards body image and beauty etc. We had a Cindy doll with black hair that unfortunately my sister had dunked in to some sort of glue or paint thinner which made her have a permanent Afro. That didn’t help images of black hair… Sorry I can’t be of any help in your particular parenting quandary…but your daughters’ shenanigans brings back so many memories of my own childhood.

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