When things go smoothly

Posts on here about mornings usually deal with the chaotic times when things go wrong – sometimes with hilarious consequences, sometimes not.

Our mornings aren’t always like that, so I thought I’d try to redress the balance and show how good the girls can be and how easy things sometimes are.

This morning at about seven, two sleepy girls staggered into my room, climbed into bed with me and fell back to sleep.  We eventually got up slightly later than usual, went downstairs, let the chickens out, had some breakfast, tidied up, and got dressed.

Chicken in the garden
You want me to go where??

Amber put the chicken away in record time (two of them were already inside, out of the cold) and was jolly proud of herself for doing so.

Millie put a CD on in her room and did some dancing.  Amber watched Spanish Barbie again.  Millie then decided to learn a bit of Spanish in preparation for our holiday, looking up some words and the numbers 1-10 on the tablet, writing them all down on a piece of paper to learn later.

I had a shower, got dressed, put the girls’ hair into pony tails, and we all left for school, loaded down with bags – not only was it violin lesson day for Millie, but there was a cake sale on and both girls were carrying boxes of delicious rice krispie cakes.

Nobody had a benny, nobody shouted; we were all cool like little Fonzies. 😀

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