Are you going soft…??

People occasionally ask me, “Stu, what’s happened to the political edge of your blog?” (no, honestly, they do).  “You used to be quite the angry young man – what’s happened?

Well, I only ever wrote about politics with the hope of changing the bad parts and making things better.

But at the moment there only seem to be bad parts.  I despair of the wholesale and irreversible damage being done to this country in the name of “economic necessity” and of “debt repayment”.  Anyone who follows me on Facebook will be aware of that (and just as aware, I hope, of the many organisations rallying and fighting this).

I’m not venting anger here because, frankly, it feels pointless.

Under the last government, there was at least the hope that they cared – that they weren’t trying to cause misery, poverty and insecurity for millions of ordinary people.

That government made mistakes, absolutely, but I could convince myself that they were basically on the side of ordinary people; that they weren’t actively trying to destroy so many of the things that once made this country great purely for the benefit of their rich friends.

This government is doing precisely that, and camouflaging it all with lies of “debt repayment” and “economic necessity”.



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