Here I Am!

We’re back, having spent Easter weekend rushing around doing all kinds of stuff.

On the cute children front, I wish I had some video footage of Amber dancing and singing Here I Am by Barbie Princess and the Popstars.  She’ll burst into it at the drop of a hat, and knows all the moves and the lyrics.  It’s simultaneously amazing and hilarious thanks to the astonishing energy and effort she puts in.

Both sets of grandparents and Auntie Kris were at ours over the weekend and I’m sure they’ll agree that Amber’s performances are quite, er…remarkable.

Millie has also been performing the same song, but because she’s a little older and self-conscious she can’t quite match Amber’s brash confidence.  Hers is a gentle acoustic version in comparison to Amber’s overblown pop monster.

Building the chicken wall
Building the chicken wall

My dad and I spent a large part of the weekend outside in the freezing cold, building a fence to keep the chickens (and their poo) off the patio and safe at the bottom of the garden.  It’s a small fence, but looks great, and has kept the chickens in a state of utter confusion as to why they can’t reach the patio anymore.

And they’re banned from the patio because most of a day was spent cleaning it with a pressure washer.  We were amazed to discover that the patio is not made of grey paving slabs but a mix of red, white and grey paving slabs!

Thanks to Graham & Julie for letting us borrow their pressure washer and transforming our garden from a stinking chicken-poo-covered quagmire into a wonderland of red, white and grey paving slabs!

Some work is still needed on the new fence because it’s blown over three times and Dave has managed to escape once (“Why is Dave on the patio?” asked Amber this morning; the answer?  Emptying his bowels on my beautiful clean patio, the little bugger!)

Easter Sunday, the Lovely Melanie cooked a delicious roast dinner for no less than nine people – thank you, my dear.

The Lovely Melanie at the Red House
The Lovely Melanie at the Red House

Friday, we took the girls to see William Morris’ old house in Bexleyheath – the Red House.  No, really – I couldn’t believe it either, but William Morris, founder of the Arts & Crafts movement, once lived in the cultural wasteland that is Bexleyheath!  We took a walk round his beautiful former home, the girls did an Easter Egg Hunt, and we all had a lovely time. 🙂

Then, I left to visit Swindon for a friend’s party.  It took five hours to get there because of engineering works at…well, everywhere, really – which sounds worse than it was, because the rest of the family stayed in London and I got to do lots and lots of quiet reading.  Which was nice. 🙂


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