Fox 2

Excess chicken activity was reported at 0630 hours this morning by Private Millie and confirmed by Lance Corporal Amber at 0634.

Major Dids was off-duty and initially dismissed the reports, but upon proper awakening decided an investigation was warranted.  An advance party of Major Dids and Private Millie was dispatched downstairs on reconnaissance, and reported sighting of a fox at approximately 0650 hours.

Fox was engaged in consuming rations laid out for the chickens, and made a tactical retreat at 0653.

Following acquisition of the back door keys by Lance Corporal Amber the chicken bunker perimeter was confirmed as unbreached by Major Dids at 0655.

Chicken civilians were extremely agitated but there were no casualties – repeat, no casualties – reported.  Four eggs were collected, however.

Despite close observation of the chicken bunker throughout the morning no further assaults on the chicken civilians have been reported at this time.

A full test of the bunker integrity and perimeter security has been recommended.

See also, FOX!!!!!!!!!!!


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