This is getting embarrassing now

It’s the school Easter Holidays, and despite grandparents taking the girls some of the time the Lovely Melanie and I have had to take some annual leave to look after the girls.

Which means they’ve had the most excruciatingly middle-class week, to the point where even we, their parents, have winced at just how worthy it’s all been.

Tuesday, the Lovely Melanie took them to the ballet.  Admittedly, it was a children’s ballet, a version of Cinderella, but still very much a ballet.

Apparently, they loved every single second of it. 🙂

Afterwards, they went to Wagamama for Japanese food where, to our relief, the food was judged superior to both McDonalds and Wetherspoons – high praise indeed from our two little gourmets.

At the Light Show exhibition

Not to be outdone, yesterday I took them to the Hayward Gallery to see an exhibition called Light Show, which was fantastic, both for me and for the kids – I highly recommend going to see it if you can.  Take the kids, too – they’ll love it. 🙂

After that we caught the Thames Clipper down to Greenwich just for the hell of it and went to a tapas restaurant.

Today, the Lovely Melanie has taken them to the Transport Museum in Covent Garden, to meet a friend of hers who has a little boy Millie’s age.

Friday, she’ll redress the balance by taking them to hang around outside Burger King wearing sports casual; they’ll flick lit matches at pigeons, shout abuse at old people and ask passers-by to buy them some fags.


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