Write what you know

There’s no point writing a blog entry if you don’t have any material, and with the girls both away at Nanny & Grampy’s in Swindon for the Easter Holidays, good material has been hard to find.

Plus, I’ve been busy on Facebook far too much arguing about discussing Thatcher’s death (I’m not a fan of her work, as you’ve probably gathered), writing book reviews, and working hard to get my “retention bonus” at work (they’re not allowed to call it overtime due to some legal-contractual thing).

But the girls are back now, having had the time of their life in Swindon (as usual) – in particular, a sleepover with their cousin, Izzy. 🙂

I came downstairs this morning to find them both rapt in front of the TV watching an episode of their favourite programme, Merlin.

The Lovely Melanie is taking Millie to the hairdresser’s this morning, for her first grown-up haircut.  I wonder what she’ll make of that?


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