Sick chick? Tick.

Licken the Chicken is spending tonight indoors with us.

sick Chicken LickenNo, it’s not some kind of bizarre work experience, she’s got something wrong with her leg and looks quite sorry for herself, poor thing.

She looks even more sorry for herself since Millie and I gave her a shower, just in case it’s some kind of infection, following her being grabbed, briefly, by a fox (again!) on Sunday.  The thinking being that if she was bitten then living in a muddy coop not a million miles from your own poo can’t be good for any wound.

She’s currently in a plastic box by the back door, glowering malevolently at me, covered in a towel.

The Not-So-Lovely Melanie wants her back outside, but Millie and I both put our humanitarian feet down, pointing out that if she does have an infection she needs to be somewhere clean and warm.  At least until she’s dried out from her shower!

Fair play to her, she took the shower very well.  I expected her to go mental, but she just kind of stood there, looking resigned.

She seems to have some kind of black spot on her back toe – anyone know if that might be the problem, and if so, what it is and how to fix it?



  1. Is it like a black scab? If so – First thought is probably Bumblefoot (rather charming name for not nice condition 🙂 ). You can treat yourself but would recommend vet as potentially fatal. Its a bacterial infection so may require anti-bs. Other symptoms are swelling, soreness/limping but black spot/scab is classic. Hope she feels better 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice, Ali. Not sure it is bumble foot now – the black lump we thought we saw was just a particularly clingy bit of mud. Can you get some sort of hard to spot bumble foot?? Her foot looks fine but she still won’t put any weight on it…

  2. Yep sometimes you don’t get any redness or black spots/scabs at all but they can be lame. Is it swollen at all? Either in a small area like an abscess or the whole foot?
    Could be due to the fox grabbing her of course if its since that incident. I’d give it a scrub at least once a day with something like hibiscrub ( good antimicrobial agent and cheap) and keep her dry – so if muddy in your chicken run put down a bed of straw or similar. That’s if its an infection, it could be tendon damage from the fox, arthritis if an older bird or rarely a vitamin deficiency.

    But most common for chooks is some kind of infection into a small cut etc. If she’s no better in a few days/next week you may have to consider finding a vet that treats poultry – or a good cook book…

    • We’re keeping her indoors in a clean box with new, dry straw, and she seems to be a bit better – still limping, but more interested in what’s going on around her (i.e., food!) so that’s encouraging. We’re off to Bristol for the weekend tomorrow but I’ll keep her in the box until then and hopefully she’ll be well enough to go back in the coop.

  3. And my friend has just reminded me about scaly leg mites! As name sounds the legs will go all scaly – more than usual that is. Google for some lovely images. If think might be that then easy to treat but would have to do all chickens as contagious 🙂

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