School trip

Amber has embarked upon her first school trip today, to some mysterious place called The Discovery Centre.  And on a coach, no less!

It was bedlam in her classroom this morning, not least because she had to be at school at 8.15 – earlier than usual.

I could tell she was excited – if she climbs into bed with me at 6.15, starts whispering about stuff and won’t shut up that’s usually a good sign.

Fortunately, all that excitement was a good thing today (sometimes, excitement can go bad – they get overexcited and then it’s like herding cats).  We were up, fed, and ready to go on time, dropping Amber with her herd of cats class right on time.

Good luck to their teachers and parent helpers!

After that we had time to kill before school started, so Millie took me down to her classroom where I saw her desk and coat hook, was shown some work on the wall (a dinosaur skeleton) and met her teacher, Mrs Ahem-hum-herm…  

It was a nice little glimpse into the world of the Millie.  Nothing amazing or unexpected, just into the strange world where she spends so much of her time.


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