ATP 2013

ATP stands for All Tomorrow’s Parties, a UK music festival that I attend every year with a group of friends.  That’s where I’ve been for the past four days and that’s why it’s been so quiet on here.

I haven’t been legally fit to drive since Friday, when we arrived at the Pontins camp in Camber Sands where ATP took place this year; nor have I had much sleep, so this entry is something of a placeholder to reassure people that I’m not dead.

Plus, due to lack of sleep and an excess of good times, my IQ isn’t back to what it was yet.  Here, I’ll try and type something clever – \sdv’nb(((}mk n  kk eeeekb Wibblewibblewibble

See?  Rubbish!

But ATP was fantastic – I’ve got so many good memories (and, no doubt, many more lost ones!).  But I do remember seeing some bands (Why?, Dark Dark Dark, !!! and Tinariwen, in particular stand out.

The beautiful beach was ravaged by howling gales, but even that seemed funny at the time.  Congratulations to Conny and Justin, who both went for an actual swim in the sea.

TYo be honest, I’m not sure “congratulations” is what I mean, more like “What the hell were you thinking????!


And here’s my favourite picture of myself from the weekend.  There are more on Flickr, revealing us in various states of intoxication…

But as much as a fantastic time was had by all, I couldn’t wait to get home on Monday and see my family again (four days felt like a very long time).  And even better, the girls were overjoyed to see me when I picked them up from school – which doesn’t always happen.  I received hugs, kisses, and enthusiastically confused accounts of their adventures over the weekend.  The perfect end to a perfect weekend. 😀

Now, it is time for me to sleep and to heal, ready to return to work tomorrow… 😉


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