R.I.P. Dave, Licken, and Lily

Anyone passing by our back garden at 6.15am today would probably have called the police – what would you do if you saw someone digging a grave at that time of the morning??

It all started when our neighbour, Claire, rang the doorbell at the crazy hour of 6am to warn us about a fox in the back garden; coincidentally just as Millie shouted that she could hear the chickens squawking from outside.

RIP Chicken Licken and Lily
RIP Chicken Licken and Lily

I was pretty much asleep, so the first I knew of it was hearing the Lovely Melanie shout my name from downstairs.

I jumped out of bed and ran for the stairs, ran back to get my dressing gown, then ran back again to get my keys to unlock the backdoor.

The Lovely Melanie was banging on the window; Millie was shouting “What?!  What is it?!”

It was chaos.

And we were all too late.  Someone had forgotten to shut the coop door properly; a fox had slipped in and caught Lily and Licken – they were dead just outside the coop.  Dave put up more of a fight: she escaped into the garden and made it to the backdoor, knocking over some plants while there searching for help.  The Lovely Melanie thinks she saw her die just as she arrived. 😦

By the time I got outside, the fox had run off.  All I could do was dig a grave and bury Lily and Licken (I didn’t spot Dave’s body until later).

Millie was in floods of tears, and terribly upset by the whole business.  Amber was interested more than upset.

You can tell the difference by the epitaphs they both decided to write after breakfast.  First, Millie’s:

In memory of Licken the chicken, Lily the chicken, and Dave the chicken.  They were not clever but they were fun to watch.

And Amber’s:

I’m sad that you are gone, but you are dead now. Dave is in the bin.

That’s, erm…  Very honest.

Millie printed hers out with a picture of the chickens and wants to get it laminated and put in the garden where they’re buried.

Even the Lovely Melanie, although not sad, was annoyed that Mr Foxy had bested us.  But as I said, he only had to be lucky once; we had to be lucky all the time.

Batman fox revenge

Fortunately, I have vowed to track down Mr Foxy and wreak a terrible revenge upon him and all such chicken-killers…

But when we get some more chickens (and we shall get more chickens!) I have also vowed not to leave chicken security in the hands of others.


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