Stoicism in the face of chicken deaths

Six more house points for Millie yesterday.  Six!

It sounds as though they continually drift down from the heavens at Hurst Primary, doesn’t it?  Or perhaps “house point inflation” is rampant?

In fact, the explanation is rather sweet.

Millie's chicken epitaph
Millie’s chicken epitaph

As you know, Millie was upset by the loss of the chickens yesterday – more so than anyone in the house.  And at school, the news of the (ex-)chickens got around fast, so I was touched to hear that Millie’s friends were there to comfort her and sympathise  – one of them, Emma Owen, even attempted to procure some more online, I’m told!  Thank you, Emma. 🙂

In the meantime, our girl soldiered on: even doing a reading in assembly (for which she got three of the six house points).

In fact, she was so stoic and self-contained about the whole business that her teacher was unaware of the sadness behind the smile until much later, and in recognition of Millie “not milking it” and doing such a great job in assembly, gave her another three house points (for “fortitude in the face of tragedy” one imagines).

Amber’s stoicism also continues unabated – you might even mistake it for “not being that bothered, to be honest” (to be fair, she has commented on how quiet and the empty the garden seems now).

Some small good news regarding the chickens – there’s another battery hen rehoming session shortly.  Meaning that our coop will be full once again in just a few weeks.


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