Millie’s been banned from the computer, from the tablet and from all our mobile phones after the Lovely Melanie caught her watching Merlin on the tablet at a quarter to frickin’ eleven last night – nearly three hours after bedtime!!

This morning you could tell that she was up late last night: there were tears, backchat and rudeness so regular you could set your watch by them. 😦

As a measure of quite how bad it was, when she demanded her water bottle when going into school, I simply dropped it at her feet .

Yeah, that bad.  And Amber and I just said “Bye” and walked off without even a kiss.

Millie as a leafWhich is a shame, really, because she was lovely in her first ever class assembly yesterday – so pleased to see me there and so proud of her “Leaf” costume, as you can see in the picture.  There is also – ahem – some video on YouTube, but – ahem – the school have asked parents not to put pictures and videos on social media (that’s why I’ve had to make it non-searchable).

Fingers crossed she’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight and things will be back to normal tomorrow…

Mind you, Amber’s reputation isn’t exactly spotless at the moment.  She’s developed a sudden fear of spiders/insects that has escalated quite out of control or proporrtion, leading to tears and tantrums at bedtime.

Sigh.  Life is just difficult at the moment.

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