Growing up fast(-ish)

Daughter and mother
Daughter and mother

Here are Millie and the Lovely Melanie all ready for a 40th birthday party tonight, both looking exquisitely beautiful. 🙂

Doob and I are the Cinderellas left at home – the party is for Lorraine, the mum of one of Millie’s school friends and a friend of the Lovely Melanie’s.  Their daughter, Emma, was allowed to choose one friend to come to the party – so it wouldn’t be too full of tedious grown-ups – and she chose Millie.

This proud dad (ahem – and husband!) watched them getting ready together: Millie worried whether she had too much or too little make-up, the Lovely Melanie explaining that less is very often more, especially where make-up is concerned.

Then we all sat down and watched The Incredible Hulk on TV.  We all have our specialities: one of the Lovely Melanie’s is make-up; one of mine is superheroes – our children are growing up well educated in both these important areas.

As it happens, I’m going to a 40th tomorrow, too, but I’m not taking any children with me. 😉

Millie in her nest

Anyway, where was I?  Ahh, yes, they grow up so fast, blah blah blah.  But not too fast, fortunately.  This afternoon I was mowing the front lawn and the girls were “helping” by building giant bird nests from all the clippings and decorating them with flowers.

They then sat in them and squawked like demented chickens.  It was hilarious, but not very grown-up. 🙂

Amber in her nestAs I quipped to our neighbour: everyone’s dealing with their chicken grief in different ways. 😉

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