Chicken update

Cool, Queen and Sergeant Rock are slowly settling in to their new home.  They still haven’t realised that there’s a ramp connecting the outside part of the coop to the inside – at night we have to physically lift at least one of them into the sleeping box; I imagine they think it’s some kind of magical teleportation device.

They’re still very nervous around people, too.  Dave, Licken and Lily would come running or start scratching at the walls of the coop as soon as they saw us, knowing we probably had food.  These girls haven’t made that connection yet, so they don’t seem as “affectionate” and pleased to see us.  That’ll change.

No obvious personalities have shown themselves yet: Queen, Amber’s hen, is quite noisy; Cool, who belongs to Millie, seems quite unadventurous; while mine, Sergeant Rock, might be a bit bossy – we’ll have to wait and see.

General agreement (amongst the grown-up community in our house) is that Cool is quite an endearing name for a chicken, but Queen is a bit…odd.  We suspect Amber really wanted Queen Of The Chickens, but bottled it at the last minute.  Queen on its own just sounds a bit weird.

Sergeant Rock or “The Sarge”), of course, is a bloody brilliant name.

But they’ve certainly been laying well – massive white eggs that dwarf the last shop-bought ones in the fridge.  However, if last time is anything to go by that will probably tail off as they transition from their old factory diet to a more natural kitchen-scraps-based one. 😉

And we’re currently thinking of trying to expand their coop a little – the risk of fox attack means they spends far more time, ahem, cooped up than either we (or they) really like.  Hopefully, it shouldn’t be too hard to add an extension, giving them more room to scrabble about and be chickens, even when we’re not there…


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