The Stone Roses

I’m going to see The Stone Roses play live tomorrow. 🙂

The Stone Roses album cover
The Stone Roses

Not without conflicting emotions.  I’m a fellow who prefers to look forwards rather than backwards in my musical taste: such a blatantly nostalgic and retro affair goes against so many of my musical principles.  There’s so much great music being made today, in all kinds of genres, that to fixate on the past seems almost criminal.

But this is The Stone Roses we’re talking about (and I wrote about the 20th anniversary of that first incredible album back in 2009).

Last time I saw them was almost 25 years ago (bloody hell, a quarter of a century!  I am so old!) at Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally), when I was a mere strip of a lad, not even old enough to drink legally.

In my memories the crowd seemed crazy, the wait before the band came on was endless (although, I did hear Pacific by 808 State for the first time) and when the eventually came on the sound was terrible and Ian Brown couldn’t sing for toffee.

It was…like nothing else I’d ever seen or heard before.

Alexandra Palace
Ally Pally

And years later I could say to all the young whippersnappers: I saw the Stones Roses live back in the day.  And that was kind of a big deal.

Now it’s happening again.  I’m 41, I’m going with some similarly 41-year-old friends from uni and no doubt Finsbury Park will be full of other people just like us, for whom the Stone Roses were once the band – our band!

I hope they don’t disappoint.  I really hope they’re amazing and that it’s something a bit special, not just a wallow in teenage nostalgia.


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