Weekend checklist


  1. Clean out chickens – check
  2. Meet Dr Mike and Local Businessman Shash Khan at Stone Rosescheck
  3. See amazing Stone Roses gig at Finsbury Park – check
  4. Don’t get too drunk at Stone Roses – er, mostly check
  5. Get home from Stone Roses before dawn – check (although it was a long way home)


  1. Don’t be too hungover – doh! 😦
  2. Get Millie to birthday party in afternoon – check
  3. Get Millie back from birthday party in afternoon – double check!
  4. Meet friends in evening for a quiet drink – doh!


  1. Get into London before 10.30am despite engineering works – check!
  2. Meet your parents at Charing Cross at 10.30 – check!
  3. Print out tickets for the London Eye before departing for Charing Cross – doh!
  4. Find out you don’t need to print out tickets to go on London Eye, even though email says you need to – check!
  5. Go on London Eye with your dad and your two children – check!
  6. Stay warm on the chilly South Bank – check (barely)
  7. Get Amber to her swimming lessons over an hour early – check
  8. Get home, cook dinner – check
  9. Discover your mobile won’t charge – check (wait – what???  No!)
  10. Have no working mobile because you can’t get stupid battery to charge up, even after swapping batteries, trying different cables and checking the internet – bloody buggering check 😦

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