Life without smartphones

As a self-confessed technology nerd you might think I’d be freaking out without my beloved smartphone.

Hell, thought I’d be freaking out without my smartphone!

It’s got my calendar, my music, my ebooks, email, Facebook, games, films, pictures, maps, contacts – I even use it to text and phone people sometimes.

broken mobile phoneBut I’ve been phone-less since Monday, when the battery died and wouldn’t recharge, and you know what?  I’ve been absolutely fine – relaxed, even.

Without wishing to go all hippy Luddite or agree with those bloody awful newspaper articles that beging “Is technology making our lives a misery?” I’d like to say that the last few days have been absolutely fine.

Even without my smartphone.

It turns out I can manage just fine without my calendar, my music, my ebooks, email, Facebook, games, films, pictures, maps, contacts – even texting and phoning people sometimes.

And my walk to work, to and from the station, offers a surprising tranquility: filled with smells and sounds and sights that were previously replaced by the sounds and images from my ‘phone.

I’ve been reading paper books – catching up on those collected Akira editions I bought years ago and somehow never got around to actually reading – Akira on paper is amazing!

Even – and this might be a step too weird – eavesdropping on commuter conversations and smiling to myself about how not-so-very-different their lives are from mine.

Ahh, listen to me – I’ll be telling you to go and pick some flowers and live in a yurt soon.  Don’t get me wrong – I want my ‘phone back – and soon; but life without it hasn’t been the grey wasteland of tedium and disconnection I’d initially feared. 🙂

So perhaps – just perhaps – we should all leave our ‘phones at home occasionally.

Maybe one or two Phone Alone days are in order – just a couple of times a year – to see what’s been happening while we’ve been absorbed online…



  1. Even though our phones have 3G, we barely get cell phone coverage where we live because of the hills and there being only one cell phone tower, which the hill blocks. So we are regularly without coverage. During monsoon, like now, the landline goes out as well. You’re probably thinking, ‘well, you live in the third world anyway.’ But we are in one of the few remaining places in India where you don’t have a choice about phone coverage, and I like it very much that way.Plus nobody calls me with anything very important and if it is important, they’ll call back when they don;t hear the message, ‘this number is out of coverage area’.

  2. Do people still think of India as the Third World, Gayu??
    I much prefer to text, email or Facebook people than to speak on the phone – or speak face-to-face, obviously! I just don’t really like speaking on the phone…

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