There’s a…! There’s a…?

Squawk!  Flap!  Cluck!  Cluck!  Cluck!  Squawk!

Damn it, there’s a fox in the garden!  There’s a f…

Where’s the fox?

Oh.  Right.  There’s no fox.  It’s just Queen-Cool the chicken leaping the fence and making a fuss…for no reason.

Well, that was unexpected!

She’s getting a lot more opinionated, is that chicken – pecking people’s feet, refusing to go where she’s told and, er, refusing to be caged by a mere fence.  Today we ended up using the hosepipe to get her back down the garden.

Water cannonYeah, that’s right, we had to water cannon a rioting chicken!

Queen-Cool, by the way, is the new amalgamated name for the chicken-formerly-known-as-Queen; since Cool the chicken died Millie and Amber have agreed to share a chicken and share names.

My apologies, I’ve just realised, there’s no mention here of Cool’s death the week before last.  She went very quiet, sat down and never got up again, sadly.

So we’re down a chicken for now.

Oh, and Sergeant Rock (the other remaining chicken) is currently recuperating following a fox attack last week, which left her with a poorly leg.  But I think she’ll be fine. 🙂


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