Sports Day!

It’s a whole week of sports days at Hurst Primary this week!  The Lovely Melanie is off work today to see Millie’s, I’m at home tomorrow to catch Amber’s.

Unsurprisingly, Millie’s completely underwhelmed by the whole thing – as you’d expect from the offspring of two nerdy bookworms.

But it’s Amber’s first sports day so she’s a little more enthused.  She tells me her class have been practicing, although I’m not sure what for exactly…

“And there’s two hoops and you’ve got to go to the first one and pick it up and then come back and then go back but you mustn’t stop or else you will be too late and then the second hoop is not by the first one but you have to run as fast as you can and then throw the thing and if you do not then you have to do it again and go back…”

“Blimey,” I said, when she stopped to draw breath, “That sounds complicated.  Will you remember all that?”

“Yes, we’ve been practicing.”

“Thank goodness. Well, I’ll look out for you in the hoop, er, race, then.”



    • “Lime and Spoon”?? It’s egg and spoon! Everyone knows that! Well, everyone in the UK.
      Seriously, is it lime and spoon in India?? I never knew that.

      • yes, lime and spoon in India because eggs fall off the spoon and break and eggs are expensive. Waste not! Egg and spoon is very first world I must say…

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