Amber’s first sports day

Amber's sports day certificate

OK, so Amber didn’t win any events at her first school sports day – but nobody won anything, because the school’s youngest are just running, jumping, throwing and diving for the goddamn hell of it.

And I rather liked that. 🙂

The weather was glorious, too, which was especially welcome because the weather forecast had been all over the place, and morning rain had been forecast just the night before.  Instead, it was baking hot and we basked in unfamiliar sunshine.

There were a couple of parents stood near me taking things a little bit too seriously: is it really worth yelling at four-year-olds to concentrate more?  Or at five-year-olds to go faster?  I rather suspect not; but can’t pretend to be an expert.

Amber certainly enjoyed it, which was the main thing; and I enjoyed watching her enjoy it.

Amber takes a hurdle

She was a little ball of enthusiasm, just as I noted a couple of weeks ago at her swimming lessons.  Her classmates were smiling and laughing, too, but Amber couldn’t help jumping up and down with delight when she finished a race – literally jumping up and down, sometimes followed by a little dance.

None of the other kids seemed to be doing that, just ours. 🙂

Everyone got a certificate at the end, congratulating them for taking part, even the few with a broken arm or injured leg – they got certificates for helping out.

Well done, Hurst Primary – I officially rate you as “Excellent” as a school. 🙂

And apologies to Millie that I haven’t got pictures of your sports day, but it wasn’t your first sports day and the Lovely Melanie didn’t take the official family camera there, so we’ve only got some dodgy pictures taken on her phone.


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