Millie’s eighth birthday party

Thanks to everybody who made it to Millie’s alien-themed 8th birthday party yesterday – and commiserations to those who couldn’t, because it was a smashing afternoon!

Millie in onesy and roller bootsTechnically it isn’t the girl’s birthday until next Sunday, but the logistics of fitting in a family and a friends’ party meant doing one a whole week early was inevitable.

There are many photos of Millie roller-skating alongside an entourage of grandparents, sisters, cousins, aunties, prams, grandparents and people in wigs, but an – ahem – unfortunate conjunction of Millie, the computer keyboard and a full cup of tea has temporarily delayed publication of those.

Me in my alien costumeTo keep you happy, here’s a lovely picture of Millie in a onesy and her new roller boots, and a rather less lovely one of me in my alien costume – including scary contact lenses and silver glitter!

Amber was completely unphased by my new look, stopping only to ask “Where did you get them?” whereas Millie (and my Mum) were both quite spooked!



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