Pizza party pleasures

This Sunday was Millie’s birthday party for her friends (last weekend was for family) and we went to Pizza Hut.

I’m not a big fan of the Hut – their pizzas are a bit bland and doughy for me – but their children’s party was ideal for Millie and eight of her friends.

First, there was an all-you-can-eat salad bar (although one little girl didn’t like anything on offer), then they made their own pizzas from the (admittedly, rather limited) toppings available (except for the same one girl, who didn’t like pizza; or pasta; or bread; or even, for goodness’ sake, ice cream!  She went home very hungry, unfortunately).

Thanks to all the staff who were helpful and cheerful throughout, plying the kids with food and drinks, and ensuring the party was a great success.

I was expecting it to be hard work, but Millie’s friends were all well-behaved, amusing and a general pleasure to be around.  The 90 minutes were over almost before we realised, and parents and siblings arrived to take their charges home.

That said, we were still glad Auntie Kristine was there to help out.  Ten children (eight plus both our own) were enough to keep three grown-ups and the Pizza Hut staff busy!


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