Pink sleeping bags

LeeFest will be upon us in less than two weeks, and here in Bexley excitement is reaching a fever-pitch – even though we’ve never been before!

I haven’t been to a proper outdoor festival since Glastonbury in 2004 (I had tickets in 2005 but Millie’s arrival three months early kept me from going); the Lovely Melanie went to Reading Festival (just the once) sometime in the 1990s, and the girls have never been to a proper outdoor, overnight, camping music festival.

In preparation, we’ve borrowed a tent from my parents – which the girls practically lived in over the weekend – and yesterday their sleeping bags arrived from eBay.

They’re pink, they’re small and, according to Millie, they’re the ultimate in cosy (or “nuffly” as we call it here).

Millie was absolutely over the moon – she slept in hers last night, that’s how excited she was.

Amber already was out for the count (and in disgrace); but coming downstairs this morning I found them both watching Merlin, exuding nufflyness from every pore, all wrapped in pink.

I did draw the line at them eating breakfast in their sleeping bags.

Now the question is: how will the reality of camping in a field compare to the magical wonderland in their heads…?


One comment

  1. I am excited about their excitement. I will be there, but worked around Zinnia. Bit worried about getting my tent up (probably should be more worried about not actually having a ticket) and boring Uncle Nik ‘might’ come on a day ticket. Girls will love it….start of more festival going I hope 🙂 The thing we really need to do is convert Mel

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