Our little sociopath

From what I hear, the Lovely Melanie had an interesting chat with Amber’s teacher yesterday.

It wasn’t a serious lecture about her behaviour, more a discussion about what we all want to do now in order to forestall problems later.

As I said in my post, we have rather “gone nuclear” in response to a fairly small outburst by a five-year-old, but the hope is that we won’t have to do it again anytime soon.

The Lovely Melanie was told by Amber’s teachers she’s not nasty or a troublemaker, and that she’s right at the top of her class intellectually.  Where she falls down is in her maturity and empathy.  For example, she can read very well indeed – her recognition and pronunciation of words is excellent – but ask her to explain what she’s just read and more often than not she comes up blank.

Hannibal Lecter
A sociopath

She’s Millie’s opposite: very smart, not very sympathetic, mildly sociopathic (we like to joke at home).  Millie might have to work harder at school, but she often has an instinctive understanding of people’s thoughts and feelings.

The Lovely Melanie told them the story of the chicken eulogies (“Dave is in the bin”) and both teachers laughed, agreeing it summed up our two very different girls perfectly.

Another thing we didn’t know was that Amber’s choice of Best Friend, a little girl called Maame (pronounced “Mammy” which causes no end of confusion) is – from a grown-up perspective – bloody awful.

The two of them are being kept apart as much as possible in the classroom because they’re all too similar: smart, outspoken, a little cheeky, and all too likely to egg each other into proper naughtiness.

It’s a shame because, by all accounts, they really are best friends, but they’re like two lumps of plutonium – on their own simply a bit tricky to handle, but put them together and BOOM!


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