Summer in the city

Photographs describe a summer day so much better than even my silver pen can manage, don’t you think?

This weekend was particularly hot and sunny so I’ll save you the headache of reading and give you the pleasure of seeing instead.

Paddling pool in the garden
Bexley Lido is open

Was ever a couple of gallons of water enjoyed more than those we had in our garden?

I really rather doubt it. 🙂

Sunday, Amber and I headed into town to meet my old uni friend, Balraj, and his little boy, Felix.

Amber the artist
Artist in residence

We rendezvoused at Phoenix Gardens – a quiet, beautiful and largely unknown green sanctuary in the heart of the fashionable West End – little knowing that the church next door was having a mini-festival called Transcend, with painting, hat-making, puppet show, bands, dancing and food!

And it got better, because the puppet show was done by a lovely chap called Ronnie Le Drew who worked Zippy in Rainbow and some of the puppets in the film Labyrinth (a favourite film of the Lovely Melanie and the girls ).

Despite my previous post, Amber was a pleasure to be out and about with, and we had a proper lovely father and daughter day out, just the two of us (Millie and mum were at a roller disco party).


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