LeeFest is definitely coming!

Last week’s excitement over the pink sleeping bags was but a gentle puff of wind compared to the hurricane of excitement now building for this weekend’s Leefest.

LeeFest logoMillie has told her teacher, who wants her to take photos to show the class when she gets back

Both girls spent this morning packing their supercases.

I then mostly spent my morning pointing out again and again and again that everything we take to the festival we have to carry.  On our backs.

Yes, a torch would be a very good idea.

A Noddy car, not so much.

Two summer dresses – brilliant.

No, we don’t need eight t-shirts.

Wellies?  Hmm, probably not (the forecast is blazing sunshine for the next week).

Sandals, yes; trainers, yes.

A pillow?  Yes.

That tiny pillow made of silk with “Amber” sewn on it?  No.

The tablet?  Well, perhaps.

One of the later (doorstop) Harry Potter books?  If you carry it, Millie, yes.

Yes, there is still loads of room in your bag, but we haven’t added your (pink) sleeping bag, roll-mat and a warm top yet.

But, bless ’em, their excitement’s infectious.  I would say only that I was “looking forward” to the weekend before.

Now?  Now I can’t wait! 🙂

There are still both weekend and day tickets left for LeeFest, by the way, so why not come and join us?  It’s nowhere near as expensive as your big corporate-sponsored festivals…


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