School report time

Nearly the end of term, so it’s the first school report for Amber… And it’s a pretty good one. 🙂

Her teachers talk about a smart and engaged little girl who’s eager to learn and either meeting or exceeding expectations in every area.

Well done, clever girl!

There are veiled mentions of “working on listening skills” and “learning to follow the golden rules”, but nothing unexpected.  This is the Amber we know and put up with love.

Millie’s report was also fantastic.  Her teacher reports she was a pleasure to teach – something of a change from the start of the year when we were a little concerned about her handling of Millie (and Millie complaining that she would “chuck a rage” at people for no reason).

Millie’s reading and writing skills come in for high praise, and even her Maths work is fully up to speed.  Well done, Millie!

However, I take no credit for this – the Lovely Melanie has been doing an incredible job in the evenings (before I even get home) helping Millie with her homework, bravely working through the tears, shouting and backtalk that all-too regularly ensue.

Seems all that hard work has paid off. 🙂


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