Young Amber Grace had her hair cut Saturday morning, at a proper grownup hairdresser’s, no less.

As predicted, she loved every second of it and was made a huge fuss of by the hairdresser.  Although, I’m told she was somewhat taken aback by the amount of her hair on the floor afterwards.

Amber at the bus stop in her swimming costume and my hatInterestingly, she elected not to follow her sister’s example and continue growing her hair.  Instead, she’s followed her mother and gone for a shorter bob sort of “do” (I think that’s what you’d call it – don’t ask me, I’m bald!)

We were pretty busy over the weekend: visiting our friends Dr Mike and Inge in tropical East London, tidying the garden, cleaning out the animals and working on secret written projects of which we cannot speak here.

Somehow, amidst all of that, we managed to not take a single picture of Amber’s new haircut.  Tsk.

But here’s one of her looking cute at the bus stop yesterday in her swimming costume and my hat. 🙂



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