Summer hell-idays

We’ve had something of a rocky start to the school summer holidays.  Six more weeks of this might be a bit wearing.

You know things are going to be tough when, just 45 minutes after school finishes, Millie is mooching round the house moaning “I’m bored…!”

“Yes,” I sympathised, “if only we had a computer or a garden or lots of toys or a wall of books or bicycles or some pets or a nearby wood or some colouring books or DVDs  or…”

Yesterday morning – when, fortunately, a doctor’s appointment kept me at home later than usual – Millie started moaning and being rude and unpleasant the moment she woke up; to the point where I had to sit down and have a chat with her.

Luckily, I was feeling calm and reasonable, so instead of simply shouting at her I took this infinitely more productive approach.  Like the opposite of thunderstorm, this calm approach can help us all to take a deep breath and clear the air – because even the most zen parents eventually resort to some good old-fashioned shouting occasionally.

Most times it’s Saint Melanie who takes this approach, but even she’d been pushed just a fraction too far, so it was up to me.

Plus, I’d be off to work so if this didn’t work then it wouldn’t be me reaping the whirlwind! 😛

So we had a quiet chat, just the two of us, and it seemed to do the trick.

At least, when I got home that evening Amber was the one in big trouble for biting and calling people names.

Sigh.  Six weeks and three more days…


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