Camping it up

What did I get up to this weekend?

Er, well, I was – that is to say, when we – um…  Oh, damn it – this:Stu in a kaftan and wig

Camping in Wales for my old friend Vicki’s ’70s-themed 40th birthday.  It was a long way to go but worth every penny.

Even though it started raining just moments after we arrived and didn’t stop until the next morning everyone had a fantastic time.  Seriously.  It rained from when we arrived till when we left, almost to the minute!

Fortunately, more outdoors-y types had a plan: they strung tarpaulins between tents and gazebos to form a covered space just about big enough for everyone.  Umbrellas were scattered around outside this “safe area” for those manning the fire and anyone needing to visit the toilet.

In the end the rain was almost a good thing, in that it squeezed us all together – there was no choice but to get to know each other and have huge amounts of fun.  Yay!

I wasn’t supposed to be dressing as a lady, you know, and I was only in drag for about ten minutes, but the rather fetching kaftan was offered, as was the wig, and I’d had a few pink wines already, so what the hell, eh? 🙂

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