I done a DIY!

It’s true!  All by myself!  I done a DIY!  An extension to the chicken coop!

We bought a sort of metal cage from eBay a couple of months ago, put it together to make sure it was OK and…left it on the lawn.

But today – otherwise a Sunday like any other – I awoke with the fire of DIY alight inside me!

Which was unusual to say the least.

Chicken extension
Queen Cool models the new extension

I’d like to be good at DIY, but long ago offended the gods of home improvement so that now the mere act of picking up a hammer causes them to send sizzling bolts of incompetence in my direction.  Even simple jobs, ones which make small children think “Yeah, I can do that,” pick up unexpected complications at remarkable speed.

But today Amber and I took a long hard look at the chicken coop, then at the metal cage from eBay, then back at the chicken coop, then again at the cage, etc. etc.  Then we took the cage apart, put it back together, got some pliers, bent some hooks and fitted it back together.

It held together.

At which point Amber got bored and went indoors.

I moved the coop onto the lawn and dug up the ground it had sat on.

(Queen Cool nearly got decapitated four times from grabbing tasty-looking worms as I tried to dig)

I flattened out the ground (mostly – it’s certainly flatter) and put the coop back.

(Sergeant Rock nearly got flattened from running underneath as I set it back down)

Next came the tricky part: fitting the cage to the coop.  This was where I assumed things would go wrong; cages would snap, coops would catch fire or perhaps trees would fall over and squash everything flat.

But no, it was almost an anticlimax.  The cage fitted to the coop perfectly, and was secured so no foxes could squeeze through, then I pinned the cage down and covered it with chicken wire found in the garage.

It’s not the prettiest solution and it won’t outlast the pyramids but the chickens seem to like it, and I’m 99.5 per cent certain it’s fox-proof.

Holy crap, I done a DIY!  Me!  I am so proud right now! 🙂


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